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Volume 16, number 1 (2004)

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Daniel Barsky; Bénali Benzaghou
Nombres de Bell et somme de factorielles
p. 1-17 Details
Karim Belabas
Topics in computational algebraic number theory
p. 19-63 Details
Jean-François Burnol
Two complete and minimal systems associated with the zeros of the Riemann zeta function
p. 65-94 Details
Imin Chen; Bart De Smit; Martin Grabitz
Relations between jacobians of modular curves of level $p^2$
p. 95-106 Details
Joachim von zur Gathen; Arnold Knopfmacher; Florian Luca; Lutz G. Lucht; Igor E. Shparlinski
Average order in cyclic groups
p. 107-123 Details
Jean-Pierre Gazeau; Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry
Geometric study of the beta-integers for a Perron number and mathematical quasicrystals
p. 125-149 Details
Alex Heinis
Languages under substitutions and balanced words
p. 151-172 Details
Joshua Holden
Abelian varieties over finite fields with a specified characteristic polynomial modulo $\ell $
p. 173-178 Details
Chandrashekhar Khare
Modularity of $p$-adic Galois representations via $p$-adic approximations
p. 179-185 Details
Gabriele Nebe
Strongly modular lattices with long shadow
p. 187-196 Details
Werner Georg Nowak; Johannes Schoißengeier
The distribution of powers of integers in algebraic number fields
p. 197-214 Details
Blair K. Spearman; Kenneth S. Williams
Normal integral bases for Emma Lehmer’s parametric family of cyclic quintics
p. 215-220 Details
Jörn Steuding
Extremal values of Dirichlet $L$-functions in the half-plane of absolute convergence
p. 221-232 Details
José Felipe Voloch
On some subgroups of the multiplicative group of finite rings
p. 233-239 Details
Toufik Zaïmi
On an approximation property of Pisot numbers II
p. 239-249 Details
Wadim Zudilin
Arithmetic of linear forms involving odd zeta values
p. 251-291 Details
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