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Volume 19, number 1 (2007)

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Paulo J. Almeida
Sign changes of error terms related to arithmetical functions
p. 1-25 Details
Francesco Amoroso
Small points on a multiplicative group and class number problem
p. 27-39 Details
Christian Ballot
Counting monic irreducible polynomials $P$ in ${\mathbb{F}_q[X]}$ for which order of ${X\!\!\hspace{4.44443pt}(\@mod \; P)}$ is odd
p. 41-58 Details
Nigel Boston
Galois groups of tamely ramified $ p$-extensions
p. 59-70 Details
Jean-Marc Deshouillers
Quand seule la sous-somme vide est nulle modulo ${p}$
p. 71-79 Details
Sylvain Duquesne
Elliptic curves associated with simplest quartic fields
p. 81-100 Details
G. Griffith Elder; Jeffrey J. Hooper
On wild ramification in quaternion extensions
p. 101-124 Details
Henri Faure
Van der Corput sequences towards general (0,1)–sequences in base b
p. 125-140 Details
Julio Fernández; Joan-C. Lario
On elliptic Galois representations and genus-zero modular units
p. 141-164 Details
Luis H. Gallardo; Olivier Rahavandrainy
Odd perfect polynomials over ${\mathbb{F}_2}$
p. 165-174 Details
Oleg N. German
Klein polyhedra and lattices with positive norm minima
p. 175-190 Details
Rita Giuliano Antonini; Georges Grekos
Weighted uniform densities
p. 191-204 Details
Hemar Godhino; Paulo H. A. Rodrigues
On ${p}$-adic zeros of systems of diagonal forms restricted by a congruence condition
p. 205-219 Details
Bjorn Poonen
Sieve methods for varieties over finite fields and arithmetic schemes
p. 221-229 Details
Nicolas Ratazzi
Problème de Lehmer sur ${\mathbb{G}_m}$ et méthode des pentes
p. 231-248 Details
Csaba Sándor
Non-degenerate Hilbert cubes in random sets
p. 249-261 Details
Paul M. Voutier
Rational approximations to ${\@root 3 \of {2}}$ and other algebraic numbers revisited
p. 263-288 Details
Volker Ziegler
Thomas’ conjecture over function fields
p. 289-309 Details
Wadim Zudilin
A new lower bound for ${\Vert (3/2)^k\Vert }$
p. 311-323 Details
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