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Volume 20, number 2 (2008)

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Jacques Martinet
Anne-Marie Bergé – In Memoriam
p. i-xi Details
Jason P. Bell
Logarithmic frequency in morphic sequences
p. 227-241 Details
Lionel Dorat
Tore de l’inertie modérée
p. 243-279 Details
Tamás Erdélyi
Extensions of the Bloch–Pólya theorem on the number of real zeros of polynomials
p. 281-287 Details
Amanda Folsom
Class invariants and cyclotomic unit groups from special values of modular units
p. 289-325 Details
Marco Illengo
Cohomology of integer matrices and local-global divisibility on the torus
p. 327-334 Details
Jean-François Jaulent
Plongements ${\ell }$-adiques et ${\ell }$-nombres de Weil
p. 335-351 Details
Omar Kihel; Florian Luca
Variants of the Brocard-Ramanujan equation
p. 353-363 Details
Scott Duke Kominers; Zachary Abel
Configurations of rank-${40r}$ extremal even unimodular lattices (${r=1,2,3}$)
p. 365-371 Details
Koopa Tak-Lun Koo; William Stein; Gabor Wiese
On the generation of the coefficient field of a newform by a single Hecke eigenvalue
p. 373-384 Details
Aaron Levin
Variations on a theme of Runge: effective determination of integral points on certain varieties
p. 385-417 Details
Ján Mináč; Andrew Schultz; John Swallow
Automatic realizations of Galois groups with cyclic quotient of order ${p^n}$
p. 419-430 Details
Élie Mosaki
Partitions sans petites parts (II)
p. 431-464 Details
Fumio Sairaiji; Takuya Yamauchi
On rational torsion points of central $\mathbb{Q}$-curves
p. 465-483 Details
Landry Salle
Sur les pro-${p}$-extensions à ramification restreinte au-dessus de la $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extension cyclotomique d’un corps de nombres
p. 485-523 Details
Tetsuya Taniguchi
Prime factors of class number of cyclotomic fields
p. 525-530 Details
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