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Volume 20, number 3 (2008)

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Bill Allombert
A new interpretor for PARI/GP
p. 531-541 Details
Bill Allombert; Karim Belabas
Practical Aurifeuillian factorization
p. 543-553 Details
Yann Bugeaud; Florian Luca; Maurice Mignotte; Samir Siksek
Almost powers in the Lucas sequence
p. 555-600 Details
Christophe Delaunay; Xavier-François Roblot
Regulators of rank one quadratic twists
p. 601-624 Details
Marc Deléglise; Jean-Louis Nicolas; Paul Zimmermann
Landau’s function for one million billions
p. 625-671 Details
Jean-Pierre Gazeau; Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry
On the spectrum of the Thue-Morse quasicrystal and the rarefaction phenomenon
p. 673-705 Details
Loïc Grenié
Fast computation of class fields given their norm group
p. 707-714 Details
Jean-François Jaulent; Sebastian Pauli; Michael E. Pohst; Florence Soriano–Gafiuk
Computation of 2-groups of positive classes of exceptional number fields
p. 715-732 Details
Florent Jouve
The geometry of the third moment of exponential sums
p. 733-760 Details
Florent Jouve; Emmanuel Kowalski; David Zywina
An explicit integral polynomial whose splitting field has Galois group $W(\mathbf{E}_8)$
p. 761-782 Details
Reynald Lercier; Thomas Sirvent
On Elkies subgroups of $\ell $-torsion points in elliptic curves defined over a finite field
p. 783-797 Details
Tanguy Rivoal
On the distribution of Hawkins’ random “primes”
p. 799-809 Details
Denis Simon
A “class group” obstruction for the equation $Cy^d=F(x,z)$
p. 811-828 Details
Mark Watkins
On elliptic curves and random matrix theory
p. 829-845 Details
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