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Volume 21, number 3 (2009)

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Ryan Daileda; Jessica Jou; Robert Lemke-Oliver; Elizabeth Rossolimo; Enrique Treviño
On the counting function for the generalized Niven numbers
p. 503-515 Details
Chandan Singh Dalawat
Wilson’s theorem
p. 517-521 Details
Harold G. Diamond; Janos Pintz
Oscillation of Mertens’ product formula
p. 523-533 Details
Marc Gindraux
Lamination et antilamination des réseaux euclidiens
p. 535-557 Details
David J. Grynkiewicz; Luz E. Marchan; Oscar Ordaz
Representation of finite abelian group elements by subsequence sums
p. 559-587 Details
Humio Ichimura
Hilbert-Speiser number fields and Stickelberger ideals
p. 589-607 Details
Patrick Ingram
A quantitative primitive divisor result for points on elliptic curves
p. 609-634 Details
Ben Kane
CM liftings of supersingular elliptic curves
p. 635-663 Details
Kevin Keating
Wintenberger’s functor for abelian extensions
p. 665-678 Details
Aristides Kontogeorgis
Field of moduli versus field of definition for cyclic covers of the projective line
p. 679-693 Details
Florian Luca; Ravindranathan Thangadurai
On an arithmetic function considered by Pillai
p. 695-701 Details
Jouni Parkkonen; Frédéric Paulin
On the closedness of approximation spectra
p. 703-712 Details
Frédéric Paugam
Symétries spectrales des fonctions zêtas
p. 713-720 Details
Yiannis N. Petridis; Morten S. Risager
Hyperbolic lattice-point counting and modular symbols
p. 721-734 Details
Supriya Pisolkar
Absolute norms of $p$-primary units
p. 735-742 Details
Guillaume Ricotta; Nicolas Templier
Comportement asympotique des hauteurs des points de Heegner
p. 743-755 Details
Anitha Srinivasan
Markoff numbers and ambiguous classes
p. 757-770 Details
Evelina Viada
The optimality of the Bounded Height Conjecture
p. 771-786 Details
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