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Volume 22, number 1 (2010)

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Victor Abrashkin
Modified proof of a local analogue of the Grothendieck conjecture
p. 1-50 Details
Fethi Ben Saïd; Jean-Louis Nicolas; Ahlem Zekraoui
On the parity of generalized partition functions, III
p. 51-78 Details
Xavier Caruso; David Savitt
Poids de l’inertie modérée de certaines représentations cristallines
p. 79-96 Details
John Friedlander; Henryk Iwaniec
Ternary quadratic forms with rational zeros
p. 97-113 Details
Yasushi Mizusawa
On the maximal unramified pro-2-extension over the cyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_2$-extension of an imaginary quadratic field
p. 115-138 Details
Laura Paladino
Elliptic curves with ${\mathbb{Q}}({\mathcal{E}}[3])= {\mathbb{Q}}(\zeta _3)$ and counterexamples to local-global divisibility by 9
p. 139-160 Details
Fabien Pazuki
Remarques sur une conjecture de Lang
p. 161-179 Details
Olivier Ramaré
Eigenvalues in the large sieve inequality, II
p. 181-196 Details
Jürgen Ritter; Alfred Weiss
The integral logarithm in Iwasawa theory : an exercise
p. 197-207 Details
Kazuomi Sawatani; Takao Watanabe; Kenji Okuda
A note on the Hermite–Rankin constant
p. 209-217 Details
Yuji Tsuno
Degeneration of the Kummer sequence in characteristic $p>0$
p. 219-257 Details
Qingquan Wu
Explicit construction of integral bases of radical function fields
p. 259-270 Details
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