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Volume 24, number 3 (2012)

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Stéphane Ballet; Robert Rolland
Lower bounds on the class number of algebraic function fields defined over any finite field
p. 505-540 Details
Alina Bucur; Kiran S. Kedlaya
The probability that a complete intersection is smooth
p. 541-556 Details
Orlando Cau
Delta-composantes des espaces de modules de revêtements
(Delta-components of moduli spaces of covers)
p. 557-582 Details
Peter J. Cho; Henry H. Kim
Dihedral and cyclic extensions with large class numbers
p. 583-603 Details
Benjamin Collas
Action of the Grothendieck-Teichmüller group on torsion elements of full Teichmüller modular groups in genus zero
p. 605-622 Details
Éric Delaygue
Intégralité des coefficients de Taylor de racines d’applications miroir
(Integrality of the Taylor coefficients of roots of mirror maps)
p. 623-638 Details
Claus Diem
On the discrete logarithm problem for plane curves
p. 639-667 Details
Mladen Dimitrov; Eknath Ghate
On classical weight one forms in Hida families
p. 669-690 Details
Franz Lemmermeyer
Binomial squares in pure cubic number fields
p. 691-704 Details
Aaron Levin
Siegel’s theorem and the Shafarevich conjecture
p. 705-727 Details
Florian Pausinger
Weak multipliers for generalized van der Corput sequences
p. 729-749 Details
Joseph H. Silverman
Lehmer’s conjecture for polynomials satisfying a congruence divisibility condition and an analogue for elliptic curves
p. 751-772 Details
Evgeniy Zorin
Multiplicity estimate for solutions of extended Ramanujan’s system
p. 773-781 Details
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