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Volume 26, number 1 (2014)

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William D. Banks; Ahmet M. Güloğlu; Robert C. Vaughan
Waring’s problem for Beatty sequences and a local to global principle
p. 1-16 Details
Iurie Boreico; Daniel El-Baz; Thomas Stoll
On a conjecture of Dekking : The sum of digits of even numbers
p. 17-24 Details
Régis de la Bretèche; Tim Browning
Contre-exemples au principe de Hasse pour certains tores coflasques
(Counter-examples to the Hasse principle among certain coflasque tori)
p. 25-44 Details
Bernard Candelpergher; Michel Miniconi
Une étude asymptotique probabiliste des coefficients d’une série entière
(A probabilistic asymptotic study of the coefficients of a power series)
p. 45-67 Details
Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène
Groupe de Brauer non ramifié d’espaces homogènes de tores
(Unramified Brauer group of homogeneous spaces of tori)
p. 69-83 Details
Mathieu Dutour Sikirić; Konstantin Rybnikov
Delaunay polytopes derived from the Leech lattice
p. 85-101 Details
Paul Fili
On the heights of totally $p$-adic numbers
p. 103-109 Details
Hartwig Mayer
Self-intersection of the relative dualizing sheaf on modular curves $X_1(N)$
p. 111-161 Details
Ariane Mézard; Matthieu Romagny; Dajano Tossici
Sekiguchi-Suwa theory revisited
p. 163-200 Details
Maurizio Monge
A characterization of Eisenstein polynomials generating extensions of degree $p^2$ and cyclic of degree $p^3$ over an unramified $\mathfrak{p}$-adic field
p. 201-231 Details
Soma Purkait
Hecke operators in half-integral weight
p. 233-251 Details
Lola Thompson
Variations on a question concerning the degrees of divisors of $x^n-1$
p. 253-267 Details
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