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Tome 17, numéro 1 (2005)

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Jean-Paul Allouche
Automates et algébricités
p. 1-11 Détail
Montserrat Alsina
Binary quadratic forms and Eichler orders
p. 13-23 Détail
Christine Bachoc
Designs, groups and lattices
p. 25-44 Détail
Ioulia Baoulina
On some equations over finite fields
p. 45-50 Détail
János Barát; Péter P. Varjú
A contribution to infinite disjoint covering systems
p. 51-55 Détail
Pilar Bayer; Jordi Guàrdia
On equations defining fake elliptic curves
p. 57-67 Détail
Yuri F. Bilu
Catalan without logarithmic forms (after Bugeaud, Hanrot and Mihăilescu)
p. 69-85 Détail
Nigel P. Byott; G. Griffith Elder
New ramification breaks and additive Galois structure
p. 87-107 Détail
Christophe Delaunay
Critical and ramification points of the modular parametrization of an elliptic curve
p. 109-124 Détail
Michael Drmota; Georg Gutenbrunner
The joint distribution of $Q$-additive functions on polynomials over finite fields
p. 125-150 Détail
Moubariz Z. Garaev; Florian Luca
Character sums and products of factorials modulo $p$
p. 151-160 Détail
Borka Jadrijević
On two-parametric family of quartic Thue equations
p. 161-167 Détail
Alan G.B. Lauder
Rigid cohomology and $p$-adic point counting
p. 169-180 Détail
Vsevolod F. Lev
Restricted set addition in Abelian groups: results and conjectures
p. 181-193 Détail
František Marko
On the existence of Minkowski units in totally real cyclic fields
p. 195-206 Détail
Bernard de Mathan
On a mixed Littlewood conjecture for quadratic numbers
p. 207-215 Détail
Wolfgang Müller
Systems of quadratic diophantine inequalities
p. 217-236 Détail
Gilbert Muraz; Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry
On a generalization of the Selection Theorem of Mahler
p. 237-269 Détail
Bernat Plans; Núria Vila
Galois covers of $\mathbb{P}^1$ over $\mathbb{Q}$ with prescribed local or global behavior by specialization
p. 271-282 Détail
Michel Rigo; Wolfgang Steiner
Abstract $\beta $-expansions and ultimately periodic representations
p. 283-299 Détail
Christian Roettger
Counting invertible matrices and uniform distribution
p. 301-322 Détail
Wolfgang A. Schmid
Differences in sets of lengths of Krull monoids with finite class group
p. 323-345 Détail
Christian Steineder; Reinhard Winkler
Complexity of Hartman sequences
p. 347-357 Détail
Galina Valentinovna Voskresenskaya
Multiplicative Dedekind $\eta $-function and representations of finite groups
p. 359-380 Détail
Rolf Wallisser
Linear independence of values of a certain generalisation of the exponential function – a new proof of a theorem of Carlson
p. 381-396 Détail
Michael Welter
Interpolation of entire functions on regular sparse sets and $q$-Taylor series
p. 397-404 Détail
Stefan Wewers
Stable reduction of three point covers
p. 405-421 Détail
Umberto Zannier
Diophantine equations with linear recurrences An overview of some recent progress
p. 423-435 Détail
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