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Tome 25, numéro 1 (2013)

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Pradipto Banerjee; Michael Filaseta; Carrie E. Finch; J. Russell Leidy
On classifying Laguerre polynomials which have Galois group the alternating group
p. 1-30 Détail
Lior Bary-Soroker; Arno Fehm
Random Galois extensions of Hilbertian fields
p. 31-42 Détail
Peter Bundschuh; Keijo Väänänen
Algebraic independence of the generating functions of Stern’s sequence and of its twist
p. 43-57 Détail
Hao Chen
On a generalization of Craig lattices
p. 59-70 Détail
Souad El Otmani; Armand Maul; Georges Rhin; Jean-Marc Sac-Épée
Integer Linear Programming applied to determining monic hyperbolic irreducible polynomials with integer coefficients and span less than 4
p. 71-78 Détail
Christine Huyghe
Comparison theorem between Fourier transform and Fourier transform with compact support
p. 79-97 Détail
Oleg Karpenkov
Multidimensional Gauss reduction theory for conjugacy classes of $\mathrm{SL}(n,\mathbb{Z})$
p. 99-109 Détail
Paul Mercat
Construction de fractions continues périodiques uniformément bornées
(Construction of periodic continuous fractions uni- formly bounded)
p. 111-146 Détail
Gabriele Nebe; Elisabeth Nossek; Boris Venkov
Low dimensional strongly perfect lattices. II: Dual strongly perfect lattices of dimension 13 and 15.
p. 147-161 Détail
Ghassan Sarkis; Joel Specter
Galois extensions of height-one commuting dynamical systems
p. 163-178 Détail
Reese Scott; Robert Styer
The number of solutions to the generalized Pillai equation $\pm r a^x \pm s b^y = c$.
p. 179-210 Détail
Shahed Sharif
A descent map for curves with totally degenerate semi-stable reduction
p. 211-244 Détail
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