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folder Volume 27, number 3 (2015)

Jeffrey D. Achter; Rachel Pries
Superspecial rank of supersingular abelian varieties and Jacobians
p. 605-624 Details
Alexandre Aksenov
Counting solutions without zeros or repetitions of a linear congruence and rarefaction in $b$-multiplicative sequences.
p. 625-654 Details
Roland Bacher
Constructions of some perfect integral lattices with minimum $4$
p. 655-687 Details
Eva Bayer-Fluckiger; Piotr Maciak
Upper bounds for the Euclidean minima of abelian fields
p. 689-697 Details
Henri Cohen
Computing $L$-Functions: A Survey
p. 699-726 Details
Anh Tuan Do; Kirill Vankov
On special values of standard $L$-functions of Siegel cusp eigenforms of genus 3
p. 727-744 Details
Daniel Dombek; Zuzana Masáková; Tomáš Vávra
Confluent Parry numbers, their spectra, and integers in positive- and negative-base number systems
p. 745-768 Details
Christelle Guichard; Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry
On Salem numbers, expansive polynomials and Stieltjes continued fractions
p. 769-804 Details
Antonella Perucca
The prime divisors of the number of points on abelian varieties
p. 805-814 Details
Hiromichi Yanai
On the index of degeneracy of a CM abelian variety
p. 815-820 Details
folder Volume 27, number 2 (2015)
folder Volume 27, number 1 (2015)