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folder Volume 25, number 3 (2013)

Juan Arias de Reyna; Jérémy Toulisse
The $n$-th prime asymptotically
p. 521-555 Details
Noam D. Elkies; Daniel M. Kane; Scott Duke Kominers
Minimal $\mathcal{S}$-universality criteria may vary in size
p. 557-563 Details
Joshua Harrington; Andrew Vincent; Daniel White
The factorization of $f(x)x^n+g(x)$ with $f(x)$ monic and of degree $\le 2$.
p. 565-578 Details
Andrew Obus
Fields of moduli of three-point $G$-covers with cyclic $p$-Sylow, II
p. 579-633 Details
David Masser; Umberto Zannier
Bicyclotomic polynomials and impossible intersections
p. 635-659 Details
Tong Liu
The correspondence between Barsotti-Tate groups and Kisin modules when $p=2$
p. 661-676 Details
Shanwen Wang
Le système d’Euler de Kato
(Kato’s Euler system)
p. 677-758 Details
Dan Yasaki
Perfect unary forms over real quadratic fields
p. 759-775 Details
folder Volume 25, number 2 (2013)
folder Volume 25, number 1 (2013)