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folder Volume 31, number 1 (2019)
folder Volume 30, number 3 (2018)
folder Volume 30, number 2 (2018)

Shin Hattori
On canonical subgroups of Hilbert–Blumenthal abelian varieties
p. 355-391 Details
Vlad Serban
An infinitesimal $p$-adic multiplicative Manin–Mumford Conjecture
p. 393-408 Details
Khashayar Filom
The Belyi Characterization of a Class of Modular Curves
p. 409-429 Details
Kevin Keating
Extensions of local fields and elementary symmetric polynomials
p. 431-448 Details
Yıldırım Akbal; Ahmet M. Güloğlu
Waring–Goldbach Problem with Piatetski-Shapiro Primes
p. 449-467 Details
Gregory Debruyne; Harold G. Diamond; Jasson Vindas
$M(x)=o(x)$ Estimates for Beurling numbers
p. 469-483 Details
Shuntaro Yamagishi
An exponential sum estimate for systems with linear polynomials
p. 485-499 Details
Toshiro Hiranouchi
Class field theory for open curves over local fields
p. 501-524 Details
Dan Abramovich; Anthony Várilly-Alvarado
Campana points, Vojta’s conjecture, and level structures on semistable abelian varieties
p. 525-532 Details
Satoshi Fujii; Tsuyoshi Itoh
Some remarks on pseudo-null submodules of tamely ramified Iwasawa modules
p. 533-555 Details
Boris Adamczewski; Colin Faverjon
Méthode de Mahler, transcendance et relations linéaires : aspects effectifs
p. 557-573 Details
Adel Betina
Les variétés de Hecke–Hilbert aux points classiques de poids parallèle 1
p. 575-607 Details
Alessandro Languasco; Alessandro Zaccagnini
Short intervals asymptotic formulae for binary problems with prime powers
p. 609-635 Details
Lukas Spiegelhofer
Pseudorandomness of the Ostrowski sum-of-digits function
p. 637-649 Details
Nicolas Billerey; Filippo A. E. Nuccio Mortarino Majno di Capriglio
Représentations galoisiennes diédrales et formes à multiplication complexe
p. 651-670 Details
Sean Howe
Transcendence of the Hodge–Tate filtration
p. 671-680 Details
Kevin Keating
Perturbing Eisenstein polynomials over local fields
p. 681-694 Details
Julien Hauseux; Tobias Schmidt; Claus Sorensen
Deformation rings and parabolic induction
p. 695-727 Details