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Articles to appear in a forthcoming issue

Nikolay Moshchevitin
Sur une question de N. Chevallier liée à l’approximation diophantienne simultanée
Ehud de Shalit
Mahler bases and elementary $p$-adic analysis
James Newton
Level raising for $p$-adic Hilbert modular forms
Robert Harron; Jonathan Pottharst
Iwasawa theory for symmetric powers of CM modular forms at nonordinary primes, II
Luis Arenas-Carmona
Spinor class fields for generalized Eichler orders
David Krumm
Squarefree parts of polynomial values
Hugues Bauchère
Quelques remarques à propos d’un théorème de Checcoli (Some remarks about a theorem of Checcoli)

Lukas Pottmeyer
A Note on Extensions of $\mathbb{Q}^{tr}$
Enric Nart
On the equivalence of types
François Brunault
On the ramification of modular parametrizations at the cusps
Yingchun Cai
Waring-Goldbach problem: two squares and higher powers
Takayuki Morisawa; Ryotaro Okazaki
Height and Weber’s Class Number Problem
Benjamin Enriquez; Pierre Lochak
Homology of depth-graded motivic Lie algebras and koszulity
Alexander Gorodnik; Shirali Kadyrov
Diophantine approximation with restricted numerators and denominators on semisimple groups
Timothy All; Bradley Waller
On a construction of $C^1(\mathbb{Z}_p)$ functionals from $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions of algebraic number fields
Charlotte Euvrard
Majoration explicite sur le nombre de coefficients suffisants pour déterminer une fonction $L$ (Explicit bound to distinguish two $L$-functions)

Aminata Keita
Continued fractions and Parametric geometry of numbers
Hui June Zhu
On a theorem of Ax and Katz
Joseph Silverman
Arithmetic and Dynamical Degrees on Abelian Varieties
Oleksiy Klurman; Marc Munsch
Distribution of factorials modulo $p$
Denis Koleda
On the density function of the distribution of real algebraic numbers
Mohamed Ayad; Rachid Bouchenna; Omar Kihel
Indices in a Number Field
Yoshiyasu Ozeki
Lattices in potentially semi-stable representations and weak $(\varphi ,\hat{G})$-modules
Ha Thanh Nguyen Tran
The size function for quadratic extensions of complex quadratic fields
Niels Lindner
Density of quasismooth hypersurfaces in simplicial toric varieties
Steffen Löbrich
A Gap in the Spectrum of the Faltings Height
Jérôme Von Buhren
Borne de hauteur semi-effective pour le problème de Mordell–Lang dans une variété abélienne
Juliusz Brzeziński
Corrigendum to “On traces of the Brandt-Eichler matrices”