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Articles to appear in a forthcoming issue

Chia-Liang Sun
A Local-Global Criteria of Affine Varieties Admitting Points in Rank-One Subgroups of a Global Function Field
Amod Agashe
Rational torsion in elliptic curves and the cuspidal subgroup
Stephan Baier
The large sieve with square norm moduli in $\protect \mathbb{Z}[i]$
Jaap Top; Carlo Verschoor
Counting points on the Fricke–Macbeath curve over finite fields
Nadir Murru; Carlo Sanna
On the $k$-regularity of the $k$-adic valuation of Lucas sequences
Thomas Mégarbané
Traces des opérateurs de Hecke sur les espaces de formes automorphes de SO7, SO8 ou SO9 en niveau 1 et poids arbitraire